Everyone treats handbags differently. Some women prefer to invest in carryalls that are completely neutral while others prioritize making their handbag the focal point of their ensemble. Well, whichever handbag connoisseur you are, we have a trendy new spring color for you to latch on to today.  

After combing through the most recent batch of street style pictures from Copenhagen, New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks, there were five spring handbag colors that were repeated more than all the rest. This means that once life resumes as normal again, we have a feeling the handbag colors ahead will be spotted left and right since, frankly, they already were. 

Tangarine Handbags

Tangerine is a major color trend we're seeing across the board this spring. While it is certainly bold, you'll be surprised by how many neutral outfits your new orange bag will go with.

Eggshell Handbags

Don't worry. Not all of the handbag colors here are bright ones (but most of them are). We're seeing a lot of this eggshell color trending and for good reason: It goes with everything and looks so expensive. 

Pretty Pinks Handbags

If you want to smile all day long, carry a pink handbag. From soft to hot hues, this handbag color is one that will bring joy to both the wearer and the onlooker.

Powder Blue Handbags

Lime Green Handbags

The sartorial world has been dabbling in lime-green handbags since last season, and we are pleased to announce that the color is still trending in 2020.